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Are Unicorns worth it?

In her article for BBC News, Dearbail Jordan examined Lyft in the context of this year's upcoming technology IPOs such as Uber, Pinterest, and Airbnb. Lyft demonstrated a strong demand for its shares before trading down once hitting the open market. This is understandable, says Triton's Rett Wallace, since retail investors see the merit in Lyft's business model. "The idea that you don't have to have a car that you don't use 95% of the time, and maintain, and insure and garage… transportation could be performed better than what Detroit has given us." From the Company's perspective, the value of going public is also obvious, said Wallace. "I think if I was losing $1bn a year in my company and I could sell it to a bunch of American retail investors, I would be psyched to do that whatever the IPO window is. Look at the losses - someone has got to pay for these losses." Full article on BBC News - HERE