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Government Shutdown Altering Path to IPO

In their article for The Wall Street Journal, Dave Michaels, Corrie Driebusch, and Maureen Farrell explore how the ongoing government shutdown might affect Lyft and Uber, as well as other big names trying to go public in early 2019. "The road to an IPO typically lasts months and includes significant communication with the

SEC. On average over the past two years, it took tech companies three exchanges with the

SEC spanning 115 days before they could file their first public IPO-registration statements,

according to Triton Research. It took another four filings and 29 days, on average, from the

initial public filing to IPO, Triton data show." However, given the current furloughed state of SEC employees, companies may decide to proceed towards an IPO - without the reassuring sign-off of the SEC. Full article on The Wall Street Journal - HERE