• Triton

How WeWork is Similar to Lyft and Uber

In an appearance this morning on CNBC's Squawk Box to discuss the end of Lyft's IPO lockup, Triton's Rett Wallace also framed the performance of Lyft and Uber in the context of the upcoming IPO for WeWork. "There is a clear bifurcation," said Wallace. "Lyft was the first of the weird IPOs that didn't conform, and Uber went right there as well. Now there is a bucket that has Lyft and Uber in it, and I think WeWork goes straight into that bucket as well. That bucket is overcapitalized, overfunded, and overvalued" Wallace goes on to say, "The other thing about WeWork is that it is kind of like the ridesharing companies in that you can focus on the growth or you can focus on the profitability. If you focus on the growth, you might relax. If you focus on the profitability, you have a heart attack." Excerpt from the appearance on Squawk Box - HERE