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NIO’s Surge Could Continue China IPO Swarm - Rett Wallace

In his article for Bloomberg, Drew Singer quoted Triton's Rett Wallace who highlighted the ups-and-downs of the recent flood of Chinese companies going public with U.S. market IPOs. On the one hand, says Wallace, signs are there to suggest tepid support for many of these deals. “It’s pretty unusual to see companies go out in the open like they have and not launch roadshows on-time. There’s evidence that things are really cooling, because you don’t see deals not go on the road when they’re supposed to. But we see some things that are on track.” NIO's unexpected rise today, however, demonstrates that there is still some demand for these new listings. "NIO’s billion-dollar IPO and rally Thursday despite an apparent lack of news could spark some companies to pick up the pace. X Financial set its terms on Wednesday in another positive signal for cross-border IPOs from China." Full article on Bloomberg - HERE