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The Casper IPO success

In her article for Yahoo! Finance earlier today, Valentina Caval recapped the first day of trading for Casper, which opened at $14.50, above its IPO price of $12.00, before trading down to close at $13.43. In her summary, Caval quoted Triton's Rett Wallace, who appeared earlier in the day on the On the Move video livestream. "To the extent that they've been able to attract so much capital privately and go public in such a gold-plated way, it's a huge win for everyone," said Wallace. "What we can say is this is a terrific outcome: A company that makes neither a product nor a profit is successfully now a public company."

In addition, Caval discussed Wallace's opinion that, while there are bull and bear cases for the company, the most important part is Casper made it to their public debut:

"It’s all about going public today. I would sign up to lose between $50 and $100 million a year every year, right, indefinitely, contractually, for a half billion dollar valuation to be a publicly traded stock."

Link to full article in Yahoo! Finance - HERE