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The "harsh lessons" of 2019's IPOs

In her article today for Fortune, Anne Sraders recapped the mixed performance of IPOs over the course of the year so far. She cites a number of high-performing offerings, as well as a number of equally disappointing launches. One common theme among all, Sraders says, is that "there’s been a huge disparity between private and public valuations for many companies, and some in the private market are growing skeptical". In her analysis, Sraders cites Triton's Rett Wallace and his view of the poor performers, "'WeWork is following a path that was blazed by Lyft - what happens when you have huge losses and crappy disclosure and real arrogance,' says Rett Wallace, CEO and founder of Triton, a firm that focuses on evaluating new listings. Wallace suggests that this trio—'big losses, crappy disclosure, and meaningful arrogance is a lethal combination' that bad IPOs had in common this year." Full article on Fortune - HERE