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‘This Is the Uber Market’ - Bloomberg

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

These fledgling IPOs have risen 66 percent on average, weighted by offering size, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Listings in other sectors have returned an average of 11 percent. While a volatility bomb could rattle these relatively high-risk investments at any time, momentum could continue for another year until Uber Technologies possibly goes public, Triton Research CEO Rett Wallace said on Bloomberg TV.

"Some people think this is the Uber market, that we’re just going to run until the Uber IPO happens," he said last week. "People get excited for the big ones. Alibaba did this, Snap did this. The market opens up getting ready for a big one -- and then it will change its nature."

In total, 80 percent of 2018 U.S. tech listings are trading above their respective IPO prices. "There seems to be no differentiation between the good ones and the bad ones," said Wallace, whose firm analyzes Silicon Valley companies preparing to go public. The deals have raised about $8 billion so far this year.

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