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WeWork's new co-CEOs

In her article today for Fortune, Anne Sraders discusses the backgrounds of Artie Minson and Sebastian Gunningham, the two of whom will be replacing Adam Neumann as co-CEOs following Neumann's departure from day-to-day operations. In suggesting that WeWork's decision to replace Neumann with Minson and Gunningham represents a small change relative to what ails the company, Srader quotes Triton's Rett Wallace: "'These guys filed their S-1 will all these problems right out in the open, and it’s the same crew,' says Rett Wallace, CEO and founder of Triton. "I didn’t hear anyone saying that the singular solution to all this is [to] get rid of Adam. The loss profile was significant, the financials were very opaque, and the company generally had adopted a kind of arrogant posture.'" Link to article in Fortune - HERE